What We Do

  • TradingPro helps you achieve positive investment returns in all market conditions.
  • TradingPro provides investment advice in domestic & international shares and indices for self directed investors and self managed super funds.
  • TradingPro advises on when to buy and sell investments that meet our strict fundamental and technical investment criteria.
  • TradingPro helps you implementing our stock picks and maintain the necessary investment discipline through regular phone contact.


Are you an investor who

  • Seeks superior returns while minimising risk?
  • Wants to make money in rising AND falling markets?
  • Wants to gain exposure to international markets?
  • Struggles with discipline and selling your investments at the right time?
  • Needs guidance from an experienced advisor to generate new investment ideas?
  • Wants a second opinion on your own investment ideas?

If you answered yes to any of those questions TradingPro can help you.

TradingPro, headed by Claus Gerling, PhD, with 30 years investment advisory experience, provides

  • Investment advice

o   In Australian and International Shares
o   In International Equity Indices with
o   Weekly market updates
o   Ad hoc stock picks
o   Disciplined buy AND sell recommendations

  • Help with implementation

o   Portfolio review (general advice only)
o   Tracking of positions
o   Investment discipline
o   Order placement if required

Our investment selection and management are based on fundamental and technical tools and we consider in a disciplined and synergistic way:

  • Earnings per share growth
  • Return on equity
  • Financial strength
  • Liquidity

Once our fundamental criteria a met

  • We purchase after a pullback or breakout out of a trading range within a price uptrend.
  • We strictly limit the maximum loss we are willing to take in a position through a mental stop loss order and liquidate in a disciplined way once our predetermined stop loss level is reached.
  • We have a medium term investment time horizon and take profits once our exit conditions are met. Click here for a summary of our investment strategy.

TradingPro is not

  • A tip sheet or financial journalist drowning you in news and opinion with no real follow up.
  • A pure value investor totally disregarding market timing
  • A passive long term buy and hold investor
  • A frequent trader to generate excessive commissions
  • A financial planner advising passive investment in managed funds
  • A traditional broker being remunerated only by commission

TradingPro has a flat fee advisory model. The yearly subscription is $ 995. Click here for an obligation free trial. We do not receive a percentage of the brokerage paid by our clients. To take advantage of our advisory services the investor can keep his own broker or use our partner brokers who specialise in international investments (shares and equity indices) and have one of the lowest brokerage rates.

Why you should choose us

  • Our principal Dr Claus Gerling has 30 years experience in investment markets and advice.
  • Investment strategy based on a blend of fundamental and technical analysis
  • Disciplined implementation of strategy
  • Strict stop loss orders
  • Patient profit taking
  • International focus
  • Possibility to short international equity indices
  • Phone support




Our Spreadsheet Explained

In order to benefit fully from our advisory service we find it important that investors have a good understanding of our trading strategy employed. Understanding why we are doing what we are doing helps enormously with the trading and investing discipline. Without discipline the investor is doomed to fail. As we provide different profit taking strategies the investor can adapt his trading style to his personal preferences and investment objectives.

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Our services

  • Weekly market update
  • Weekly progress report on our share and index recommendations tracking all our picks
  • Ad hoc email updates with buy and sell signals
  • Review of your portfolio (general advice only)
  • Regular phone contact to help you implementing our picks and stay disciplined
  • Second opinion on your own investment ideas.



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